45 Back to School Swag Ideas for Every Grade Level

Pin these quick steps to get started fast, or keep reading below for more detail. A penny war is an easy way to make some quick cash for your school or another cause. Baked goods can come from staff members or local businesses. Cupcakes are usually a big hit during Valentine’s Day and are easily customized. fundraisers for school can ask for cupcakes with red or pink frosting and heart-shaped decor on the top.
Receive free brochures, free shipping, and free pack-by-seller, with no minimums. Is such an easy candle fundraiser and perfect for all student fundraising ideas. One of the best elementary school fundraising ideas is an event-a-thon. Plan a fundraising event, like a bowl-a-thon or a walk-a-thon, where the students and teachers can raise money to put toward the school. Friends and family can pledge to donate a certain amount per bowling pins hit, or per mile, and this helps motivate the participants to do their best. A cake walk is a fun game, a great bake sale and an engaging school fundraising idea, especially for elementary school fundraisers.
Set a relatively low price of admission to encourage students, family members, friends, and more to participate. Then, go through a number of quiz-like questions from multiple categories (such as pop culture, sports, news, general knowledge, and more). In the end, you’ll want to provide the winner with a prize (and/or bragging rights!), and the rest of the funds go toward your school. Every parent needs a night off every once in a while, but babysitters can be costly and hard to locate when you need them. That’s why, for elementary schools, a parents’ night out, complete with responsible childcare offerings, can be one of the best fundraising ideas you can host. Be sure to have enough staff ready to supervise the children, as well as prepare games, meals, and other fun activities.
We suggest you consider the size of your group to determine what your sales will need to be on average per person to qualify for free shipping. A shipping fee may reduce your profit about 5% and that is okay as long as the percentage of profit being offered is higher. For most programs, you have the option to collect additional money to cover the cost of shipping, if any.
Everyone is looking for innovative ways to make raising money easier. Use the power of the internet to raise money by selling products online. While your cheer team may be able to run miles without a problem, hosting walk-a-thons is a classic. Have friends and family members pledge in support of their cheer members. Better yet, invite friends and family members to also collect pledges and walk. Find a place to host the walk-a-thon – like a local park, or a local school’s track – then it’s off to the races!
Ask for donations from parents and local businesses and price your tickets according to the range of prizes on offer. Want an extra hand with your outdoor school fundraising ideas? This is best suited for middle school fundraisers, though high school students would find it fun too. Probably the most unique school fundraising idea we found was a STEM-a-thon. When you’re a parent or teacher, you want the best for your students. Most schools work with tight budgets, which means fundraising is key to raising the funds you need for playgrounds, programs, supplies, activities and more.
They’ll write down the book titles and the number of minutes they read. You can also have them write down things like page numbers, or a favorite moment, to encourage honesty and engagement. This auction item will hold the ability to skip the carpool line and travel straight to the school’s doors to pick up your children at the end of the day. As a meaningful auction item idea, offer a pet-a-pup experience.
Our ABC Fundraising® discount card fundraiser offers up to 93% profit, and it’s a great way for your group to offer a very valuable product to your friends, family, and supporters. Finding middle school fundraising ideas that work is much more challenging because they deal with increased school activities, peer influence, and social and physiological changes. For your next middle school fundraiser, consider selling Money Savings Cards. Raising money by selling Money Savings Cards is a perfect middle school fundraiser. By nature, middle school students are not the most skilled fund-raisers. Their sales pitch is usually scattered, the products they sell are boring, and their follow up is fair at best.