Tortoiseshell Glasses

They come in a huge variety of frame shapes, which means that you can easily find them in a style and cut that best flatters your face shape and skin tone. Tortoiseshell glasses are perfect for a creative or intellectual individual. They are an excellent choice if you are looking for a neutral frame with a little bit of extra character. And tortoiseshell isn’t just one shade making it a versatile style for you to experiment with. Tortoise shell glasses for men have a very flattering effect on just about all kinds of faces.
Even our base lenses are impressive – they’re scratch resistant and block 100% of UV rays. The tortoiseshell pattern we are all familiar with is an organic mottled pattern. It can give an impression of classic antiquity while also offering a bold sense of confidence.
I declare that the person I am adding is eligible as my legal dependent for my vision insurance benefits. If you are unsure whether your legal dependents are eligible under your vision insurance plan, please check your benefit information. 20% off any additional eyewear purchases if you’ve already used your benefits. If you’re not fully satisfied with your glasses, simply contact us for a refund or replacement. eyeglass styles is an expert stylist who covers fashion, lifestyle, and weddings for various magazines and websites. An Iowan transplant, she’s never afraid of a bold lip and spends her free time scavenging for vintage clothing and decor.
Clear Frame Glasses For Men & Women Clear glasses frames date surprisingly far back, approximately 100 years. Prior to the 1950s plastic had not yet been widespread and its use in eyewear was uncommon. Yet from time to time we find clear frame glasses from the 1930s, generally French or German made. These transparent frames were generally round or P3 Panto shape and were usually very narrow, they were similar in style to early tortoiseshell glasses.
Your perfect pair’s features, from the tiniest hinge to the temple arms, come together to create something truly special. Pay attention to the eye-catching hinge studs or the keyhole nose bridge when browsing our tortoise eyeglasses and find something that really speaks to you. By the 1920s, tortoiseshell glasses were widespread—for fashionable reasons and an everyday luxury item.
However, with the recent surge in popularity for all things vintage, the tortoise frame is making a huge comeback. In fact, it is quickly becoming one of the hottest styles on the market today. This article has helped you decide whether tortoiseshell glasses are fashionable or not. Even if you’re unsure what style of glasses would look good on you, I recommend trying a pair.
Jemison is another throwback tortoise shell frame inspired by the 50s and brought to the 21st century with a beautiful design that’s ideal for larger faces. Rest easy – no tortoises were harmed in the making of our frames! They’re named that way because early forms of these glasses were made of real shells. Take an additional 15% OFF when you order discounted designer frames.
You can find tortoise eyeglasses frames in various shades, but the traditional look includes yellow, honey, and brown shell spots scattered across the frame. If you have prescription needs, then choose prescriptive tortoiseshell glasses. Optfor blue light or computer tortoiseshell glasses if you need screen use. And if you need them for outdoor use, opt for UV-protective tortoiseshell glasses. Light-colored skin tones look good in darker skin tones, while darker colors work well on fair complexions because they offset them nicely.