You can now include alcohol at online silent auctions Nonprofit Association of Washington

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CharityBids provides nonprofits with risk-free auction consignment packages, meaning that they don’t take a cut until after you’ve collected your revenue. At that point, they take a percentage of the item price as payment. The CharityBids team works to help your nonprofit before, during, and after your fundraising event to raise more and provide guests with a smooth, engaging experience. Handbid is a dedicated auction and event software platform for mid-sized to large organizations. With silent auction donation and software solutions, Handbid has plans that can accommodate a wide range of organizations and their needs.
From the package information you and your committee have entered, ReadySetAuction generates professionally designed, ready-to-print auction collateral. Online auctions have their fair share of limitations and challenges that companies face while organizing one. Additionally, GiveSmart’s automated tax receipts and thank you letters let your auction staff take a breather after hosting the event.
Although not technically silent auction software, Winspire’s auction item consulting services are sure to drive up auction bids. With around 200 unique experiences available, Winspire’s item procurement capabilities pair nicely with larger auction events. Silent Auction Pro offers incredibly accessible ticket and bidding data.
In addition, utilizing a silent auction website gives people unable to attend the event a chance to bid on items. There are plenty of widgets to help you customize your donation page, with easy navigation for the donor. The company offers fantastic customer service, and you get unlimited users with unlimited access to support and auction tools.
Silent auctions are like going to a retail store, choosing which items are the most appealing, and making written bids on your favorite items. Once the time has run out to make bids, the organizers will name the winners, collect payment and deliver the items. In fact, no matter where your members live, some will appreciate being able to participate in a fundraising event at any time of the day or night, without having to leave their home. Demographically, women between the ages of 40 and 49, with household incomes between $50,000 and $99,000, are the most frequent participants in online auctions.
No apps to download, just simple and easy bidding to raise more money! Guests bid from their computer or mobile device before and during your event! They receive a text message at check in with their custom link to allow guests to easily bid from their smartphones or they can use our bidding kiosk if desired.